Valentin, Son of Europe

by Antonio Martino

GENRE Documentary     LENGTH 55′       YEAR 2019




When Valentin, a young Romanian street kid, is adopted by a European couple, he’s saved from a life of poverty and drug abuse. But the man he becomes is an outsider in his adopted land; a “Roma” boy with no fixed identity. When he stumbles on a documentary he starred in as a kid, it sets him on a course back to Bucharest on a journey of self-discovery that will define him as a father and a son, and explore whether we can escape who we are.




Production companies: Fuoricampo, Climax Films, Découpages


Director: Antonio Martino
Producers: Valeria Correale, Ségolène Fossard, Caroline Houben, Olivier Rausin
Distribution: –
Writer: Antonio Martino, Giovanni Galavotti, Nabil Philippe Jandaly
Cinematographer: Paolo Panzera, Antonio Martino, Valentin Summa
Editor: Felice d’Agostino, Letizia Caudullo, Antonio Martino
Sound: Ludovic Van Pachterbeke, Cosmas Antoniadis, Fabrice Osinski
Production manager: Valeria Correale, Youcef Koliaï, Guillaume Martin
Post-production : Ludovic Fossard, Yann Varenne
Music: Jan Maio



– AJB DOC Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary Film Festival (BIH)