by Niccolò Castelli

GENRE  Drama    LENGTH 90       YEAR 2021




Allegra is a lively young woman with a passion for high mountain climbing. She decides to travel to Morocco to reach the top of the Atlas, but her trip ends abruptly when a man explodes a bomb in a coffee shop and her three friends die in the attack. Unable to overcome the trauma months later she returns to her city, where the encounter with Arad, a young Muslim refugee, forces her to confront her perception of reality, her fears and heal her profound interior wounds.


Matilda De Angelis
Helmi Dridi
Irene Casagrande
Anna Manuelli
Nicola Perot

Kevin Blaser
Anna Ferruzzo

Angelo Bison
Andrea Zogg
Dorothée Müggler
Cristina Zamboni

Neri Marcorè
Giovanni Polito

Erik Bernasconi
Giacomo Bastianelli


Producer:  Imagofilm Lugano, Climax FIlms, Tempesta


Director: Niccolò Castelli
Producer: Villi Hermann, Michela Pini, Caroline Houben, Olivier Rausin, Carlo Cresto-Dina
Writer: Niccolò Castelli, Stefano Pasetto
Cinematographer: Pietro Zuercher
Editor: Esmeralda Calabria
Sound: Marc Engels, Antoine Vandendriessche
Set Designer: Georg Bringolf
Costume Designer: Sabine Zappitelli
Production manager: Sara Bühring
Post-production manager: Camille Schumacher
Music: Karim Baggili


– Opening film – 56th edition – Solothurn Film Festival