Rosie et Moussa

by Dorothée van den Berghe

GENRE Family Saga     Action, Drama, Romance      LENGTH 80′       YEAR 2018






Rosie & Moussa is a movie, based on the children books ‘Rosie en Moussa’ from Michael De Cock and Judith Vanistendael. Rosie and her mom move to the other side of town. In her new apartment building, Rosie meets Moussa. Together, the two of them wander off to the roof, even though it’s strictly forbidden. On the rooftop, Moussa promises Rosie he will go with her when she visits her dad, who is in prison. Rosie wants nothing more than to bring her mom and dad back together, but will she succeed? Because mom doesn’t want anything more to do with dad… and to make matters worse, she falls in love with another man.



Savannah Vandendriessche
Ruth Beeckmans
Imad Borji
Titus De Voogdt



Producer: Caviar, Climax Films
Production manager: Lauranne Crahay



Director: Dorothée van den Berghe
Producer: Caviar, Climax Films
Distribution: –
Writer: Michael De Cock
Cinematographer: Jan Vancaillie
Editor: Marie-Hélène Dozo
Sound: Christian Monheim, Gert Janssen, Benoit Biral
Décors: Gert Stas
Costumes: Joëlle Meerbergen
Production manager: Lauranne Crahay
Post-production manager: –
Music: Le Motel



– Black Film festival Montreal : Best Narrative Feature – Adil El Arabi & Bilall Fallah

– Film Festival Oostende : Ensor Best Actress – Martha Canga Antonio

– Film festival Oostende : Ensor Best Director – Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah

– Film Festival Oostende : Ensore Best Film

– Ghent International Film Festival : Best Film

– HollyWeb Festival : Best Action/Adventure

– Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival : Best Actress – Martha Canga Antonio

– Toronto International Film Festival : Discovery Award – Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah