J’ai perdu Albert

by Didier van Cauwelaer

GENRE Comedy    LENGTH 100′       YEAR 2018




Chloe is the most famous young medium in France. She decides private matters for the world’s leaders , chooses the CEOs of big companies as well as the next trends in fashion. Having a sound reputation in the industry, Chloe is however just a channel: an extremely advanced spirit has chosen her ever since her childhood to convey his ideas through her. This spirit is no one else but… Albert Einstein.​ However, the young woman gives too many consultations, she is overbooked and is in the midst of a sentimental and moral crisis. She has polluted her channel and cannot « receive » any more information. Albert Einstein has suddenly decided to…move out. In an airport snack, he « enters » a waiter’s body, Zac, a stubborn and depressed beekeeper who, with no real future opportunities, takes odd jobs to make ends meet and save his bees. All of a sudden, this common man starts to know everything about everybody, hears their thoughts and sees the future… Chloe must now face an unmanageable nightmare as her prestigious clients still rely on her. She has to try everything she can to win Albert back…



Stéphane Plaza
Julie Ferrier
Josiane Balasko
Virginie Visconti
Bernard Lecoq



Production manager: Frédéric Sauvagnac
Post-production manager: Mélanie Karlin



Director: Didier van Cauwelaert
Producer: Angélus Productions, Climax Films
Distribution: –
International sale: Studiocanal
Writer: Didier van Cauwelaert
Cinematographer: Michel Amathieu
Editor: Sylvie Gadmer
Sound: Dirk Bombey
Set Designer: Bertrand Seitz
Costume Designer: Nathalie Leborgne
Production manager: Frédéric Sauvagnac
Post-production manager: Mélanie Karlin
Music: Michel Legrand