by Kristoph Tassin

& Giovanni Robbiano

GENRE Spy Thriller     LENGTH 8 X 52 min       YEAR 2020




Co-produced with Paragon

An ordinary man’s life changes forever when his daughter disappears, and he’s accused of having committed terrorist attacks. Chased by the secret service and manipulated by the people who have his daughter, he finds himself trapped in an obscure organization’s insidious design to disrupt European democracy.



Producer: Climax Films

Coproducers: Tornasol, Apple Film


Creators: Kristoph Tassin & Giovanni Robbiano
Producer: Climax Films
Distribution: Lagardère Studio Distribution
Writer: Kristoph Tassin, Giovanni Robbiano, Philippe Blasband et María Prieto Berzal 
Cinematographer: –
Editor: –
Sound: –
Set Designer –
Costume Designer: –
Production manager: –
Post-production manager: –
Music: –