Alexandre ou la légende d’un voleur

by Thierry Guérinel & Eric Pierre Michel

GENRE Adventure & Historic     LENGTH 6 X 52 min       YEAR 2020






 The Count of Volpony is a newcomer in post-war Parisian high society but his charm, his excellent manners and delightful stories quickly erase any doubts about his place in society. As a side business and for his own profit, Volpony secretly steals masterpieces from museums and drives the police and the press crazy. But Volpony is a stolen identity, a « legend » created by Alexandre Coupet. Alexandre is actually an orphan, who became a messenger for the Resistance as a teenager during WWII and whose name was later unfairly stained by accusations of nazi collaboration. Alexandre enters a quest to clear his name as we discover how Coupet became Volpony. 



Producer: Climax Films



Creators: Thierry Guérinel & Eric Pierre Michel
Producer: Climax Films
Cinematographer: –
Editor: –
Sound: –
Set Designer –
Costume Designer: –
Production manager: –
Post-production manager: –
Music: –